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Komanda.TV is an artistic production team on creating contemporary audiovisual shows and performances for television and stage. Komanda.TV was founded by show and television director Grig Skomorovski in 2005.

Grig Skomorovski (based in Vienna, Austria) is a show and TV director, specialist on creating contemporary audiovisual shows and performances for television, theatre, stage, events. Grig was born in Moscow (Russia) and has been working for an entertainment industry from 1998 (at the BIZ-TV/MTV-Russia, Channel One, NTV, Russia-1, TVC and other channels).

Grig has the strong skills in modern television and entertainment production, as well as a work experience with leading Russian and European producers and crews. As a director and creative/executive producer, Grig has credits in various genres, including:


  • TV formats (talent, music, evening shows, ceremonies)

  • live music shows (studio, stadium, openair)

  • theatre performances (incl. experience in opera)

  • events and ceremonies.

Grig has an education in mathematical area and in artistic direction area (class of Sergey Soloviev, class of Vitaliy Kalinin). From 2011 till 2016 Grig Skomorovski taught TV production and directing at the High School (Faculty) of Television of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. 

Grig is a member of the Academy of Russian Music and takes part in the annual voting of the Russian National Music Prize; member of the Eurasian Academy for Television and Radio.

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